Soul 2 Soul Congregations, Organizations & Academic Institutions

In faith communities, Rev. Tawana and Rev. Dawn preach liberative sermons and facilitate post-sermon racial justice-centered dialogues. Also in congregations, non-profit organizations and academic institutions Soul 2 Soul guides participants in 4-6 sessions of racial justice work that centers Black people and experiences. The main goals of this work are anti-racist self-liberation, raising awareness about and eliminating racism within personal circles, and leading racial justice work within congregational, social justice and academic systems toward building hospitable and just communities. For more information, please contact Soul 2 Soul.

Truth & Conciliation

In congregations and organizations, tensions or conflicts arise relating to race/ethnicity, power, privilege and oppression. Using a truth and conciliatory-focused approach, Soul 2 Soul assists small or large groups in working toward increased understanding and healthy relationships.  For more information, please contact Soul 2 Soul.

Audre's Song

In the spirit of Audre Lorde’s wisdom: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare,” Audre’s Song promotes healing, self-care and sisterly support among Black women activists. For more information, please click here.

Facing Racism

Partnering with the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, Soul 2 Soul hosts Facing Racism cohorts of 20 white people from various religious traditions in centering Black lives and Black liberation. For more information, please click here

​​​​Soul 2 Soul provides five programs:

Facing Racism - Alumni Chapter

Soul 2 Soul will host a cohort for all of our past Facing Racism participants to provide fellowship and support in doing liberative, life-changing racial justice.  At the completion of Facing Racism workshop series, all will be invited to this Alumni Chapter. This cohort will convene once a month. Register today! 

A Black women-led, faith-based, racial justice organization focused on Black healing and Black liberation.