Year-round, Soul 2 Soul engages groups of Black interfaith people in healing self-liberation work, as well as cohorts of white interfaith participants in anti-racism work. Through this synchronous racial justice approach, Soul 2 Soul promotes holistic processes of self and communal health toward engaging in authentic inter-racial discourse and egalitarian relationship-building.

Rev. Tawana and Rev. Dawn preach liberative sermons, facilitate post-sermon racial justice-centered dialogues, and utilize courageous and creative curriculum to assist congregations and community organizations in learning to identify, challenge and eradicate personal, institutional and systemic racism.

​Soul 2 Soul maintains that white supremacist, capitalist, heteropatriarchy forms Black clergywomen activists in ways that embody faith-filled creativity, political resistance, and strategic risk-taking. Black women know what it is to live, survive, thrive, suffer, get free, and live free in the system of oppression and beyond the system. Given Black women’s expertise in flourishing in the U.S.A., the centering of Black women leadership is essential when engaging in Black-centered racial justice work.

Additionally, given white supremacist norms that perpetuate suspicion, fear and hate toward Black people while perpetuating the devaluing and erasure of Black women's leadership, Soul 2 Soul challenges participants to embody a new way of experiencing, regarding and honoring Black women.

Ultimately, Soul 2 Soul's aim is for people of all racial/ethnic backgrounds to work together to dismantle entrenched racism and develop healthy, just and liberative communities.

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​​​Soul 2 Soul 

Four tenets undergird Soul 2 Soul’s work:

1. The brutalization of Black people is at the heart of the United States of America’s foundation and continues today;

2. Historically, Black lives have only mattered in as far as Black people are the silent economic engine beneath this country’s wealth;

3. During the past century, members of dominant culture have expressed compassion, repentance and/or have engaged in reparation efforts to various historically oppressed populations – this is not true concerning Black people;

4. White progressives have a historical propensity for abandoning Black liberation work before agreed upon goals are met, moving on to champion the causes of other historically marginalized people.

Given these realities, Soul 2 Soul maintains that achieving Black liberation essentially results in the liberation of all people.

A Black women-led, faith-based, racial justice organization focused on Black healing and Black liberation.